Sun Locator
Predict the Sun and Moon Position

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A wealth of information and still simple to use

Sun ephemeris

Times for Sunrise and Sunset, Sun transit (solar noon), twilight (civil, nautical and astronomical), current sun location (azimuth and elevation), Winter and Summer solstice (longest and shortest day)

Moon ephemeris

Times for Moon rise and Moon set, current moon location (azimuth and elevation), illustrated moon phase

Photographer's essentials

Times for the Blue and Golden hour

Shadow calculation

Shadow length and direction

3D Terrain simulation

Topographical terrain analyis

Hills, Valleys, Mountains
Simulate shade and lighting over large areas.

Scout any location and be prepared

3D sundial

Visualize the sun position over the course of the day and year.
Simulate the shadow direction and length.

Interactive map

Zoom in/out, pan, rotate and tilt.
Choose different maps.

Augmented reality puts you in charge

Sun and Moon simulation

Simulate the Sun and Moon location for any time and day through your camera..
Fastforward from sunset to sunrise and through the seasons.
Note: This feature requires a device with a camera and a magnetometer (compass)

Fun and Educational

Day and Night World map

Interactive visualization of the earth showing daylight and twilight regions.

Lite vs Pro: Whatever suits your needs

Lite Pro
Works globally
3D Terrain simulation
Sun time data:
-Sunrise, Sunset
-Astronomical, Nautical, Civil Dusk and Dawn
-Day duration, Sun transit (Solar noon)
-Blue Hour and Golden Hour
Sun position:
-Azmimuth, Elevation
-Shadow ratio
Sun graph
Elevation during the day
Sunset/Sunrise during the year
Moon time data
-Moon rise/Moon set
-Azimuth, Elevation
-Moon phase
All data
for current day
for any day of the year
Augmented Reality
for current day
for any day of the year
Interactive Map View
for current day
for any day of the year
Custom shadow height simulation

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Customers about Sun Locator

this App is a MUST BUY. Sun Locator takes the Sun and Moon information to a whole new level of UI and usefulness, because of the added Map view, where you can actually see the arc of the Sun in 3D for any day and any location. Sun Locator Pro is excellent. [...]
Phil Tuggle
Fun to know where the sun will rise our set. I also use it to teach kids about the seasons.
Kevin Lauterbach
Favorite app. Kept simple and yet very helpful for planning shootings..
Zany DE
The app is useful to me in connection with my work as a photographer, especially in real estate photography, architecture and sometimes business. It also helps me in landscape picture.
Excellent application, very complete and flexible, simple to use but powerful, highly recommended
Oscar Ruveda
Great to set the path of light in the set of photos and footage and especially for timelapse.
Carlos Barroso

Privacy Policy

The Sun Locator app requests so called "sensitive device information". Specifically, this is the device position (GPS) and camera access.
Device Position (GPS): GPS data is requested when you click on "Location from GPS" to use your current location.
Camera access: Camera access is needed to use the Camera View (aka Augmented Reality view)
Other data (e.g user data): No other data is used by the app.
Data collection/Data storage: Absolute none! No data from your device is sent to any servers, no analytics is performed. The data stays on your device, all the calculations are done directly on your device.
However be aware, that the "Location from Map" Option and the "Map View"-Feature uses Google Maps. More information about the Google's privacy policy can be found here: